minutes to a meeting

Friday, November 24, 2006

Perpareing yourself for a better metting

Prepare yourself for a good minutes to a meeting. First send a agenda to those whom you feel it is important to attend to the minutes of the meeting. Stated the date, venue and most important the time always try to arrange ten minutes early for the meeting so that they can introduce themself during coffee time. Get yourself ready to wish your invited and always arrived before them.

Never take to long in your meeting as your participants might have other important things to attend or might feel bore and tired. Try to make your meeting 45 minutes to an hours as people work more effectively if the meeting is short and don't take their time too much. Try to plan small meetings and focus on important issue.

Prepare yourself with ideals, suggestion before the meeting and also ready with question and answers to meet some of your invited guest. If the meeting required extra time for important issue. Try to spend to long in it.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Holding a effective meetings

A meeting could it be a business activity, formal or staff meeting it is all in one goal getting and selecting people to gather to perform works that requires a team effort and also to achives our target and goals. Effective meetings require sharing control and making commitments. The ultimate goals of every meeting are agreements, decisions, planning or solutions. When holding a meeting we must trust and respect others, in orders to be respect and trust shown by them.

Present your ideas from the viewpoint of how they will find them most useful.
Be original. Create your own view and humor. Treat everyone with respect.
Never damage anyone in the audience, even if this person seems to be disrupting your presentation in the meeting.

Keep it simple and understanding as people can works better if they understand your viewpoints and benefit to them. Speak to everyone and make them as one of the family in the meeting. Let them tell they story applause and thanks them. Show interest and respect by paying attention to what the other person is saying. Accept the other person's ideas as valid, even if you disagree.

Help others perform at their best. Give without expecting a return favor. Show courage during uncertainty. Speck the good of others as this will show the returns of them during the next meeting you hold.