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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Minutes to a meeting must had a purpose

Sometimes a job of a executives is to attend meeting. A meeting can be productive for a company but sometimes it is a waste of time. To many meeting in a company is a waste of time as your executive can attend to their clients or do some planning instead of attending minutes to a meeting most of his time. Most company are holding meeting once a week or twice a month unless there are some emergency matters to bring up.

All minutes to a meeting must had a purpose, an agenda, a time frame and venue. An agenda had to be send out to the people who is going to attend the meeting. The purpose of the meeting must be highlight as to let the one attending know what the purpose of them attending the minutes to a meeting. An agenda is set to review the tropic that we are going to discuss and the person who is going to chair the meeting and the names of the person attending the meeting.

Venue where meeting is going to held must be stated clearly. A time frame has to be set, the start time of the meeting and the end time of the meeting. Start the meeting on time even some did not arrived yet. Always try to end the meeting ontime. Set a time duration for each of the speaker. Get a person besides you to note down what have been discussed.



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