minutes to a meeting

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Stick to the agenda of the minutes to a meeting

In every company, society, board, an agenda towards a minutes to a meeting must be distributes to the person invited. Agenda must be given or send at list one week in advance for them to prepare for the coming meeting or cancel the unimportant meeting or appointments they have. Agenda must stated the time of the meeting and the time that the meeting supposed to end. Venue of the meeting and the date of the meeting. The best time to have a meeting is in the morning after ten and before eleven. The meeting must not take more than two hours.

Stick to the agenda of the meeting and every agenda must have a time frame so that you can time the meeting of each agenda. Start the meeting on time even some of the participant did not turn up. The reason to start the meeting on time is to make the early bird feel not disappointed and secondly to avoid late comer for the next meeting. Get someone to minutes the meeting. Forget about food refreshment, may be coffee or tea but bottle of water must be serve before or during the meeting.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ways of holding effecting minutes to a meeting

There are many ways of holding effecting meeting as most successful business or big organization had a meeting once or twice a week to inform the staff and business associate what is going on inside the company and the company promotion attraction. All business associated are hold once a month or just a newsletter to inform them. For executive staff, meeting are most hold once a week. Things to consider when holding business meetings.

An Agenda must be present every meeting and must be distributed at list one or two days in advance and all meeting must be stick to the agenda. Try to shorten the time of the minutes to the meeting and must not be more then a hour as not to waste the time of the staff for other jobs. Stated the purpose and highlight what is going to talk. Try to arrange your meetings in the morning, as people are generally more alert. Only invite staff that are associated and who are able to make a valuable contribution to the meeting. Appreciate your staff who contributed to the meeting. Had someone to minutes the meeting and end it before the stated time.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Minutes to a meeting must had a purpose

Sometimes a job of a executives is to attend meeting. A meeting can be productive for a company but sometimes it is a waste of time. To many meeting in a company is a waste of time as your executive can attend to their clients or do some planning instead of attending minutes to a meeting most of his time. Most company are holding meeting once a week or twice a month unless there are some emergency matters to bring up.

All minutes to a meeting must had a purpose, an agenda, a time frame and venue. An agenda had to be send out to the people who is going to attend the meeting. The purpose of the meeting must be highlight as to let the one attending know what the purpose of them attending the minutes to a meeting. An agenda is set to review the tropic that we are going to discuss and the person who is going to chair the meeting and the names of the person attending the meeting.

Venue where meeting is going to held must be stated clearly. A time frame has to be set, the start time of the meeting and the end time of the meeting. Start the meeting on time even some did not arrived yet. Always try to end the meeting ontime. Set a time duration for each of the speaker. Get a person besides you to note down what have been discussed.


Thursday, December 13, 2007

A meeting is a must in every organization

A meeting is a must in every organization. When I first took the post of a manager in a restaurant, I hold my first meeting with my staff to know about their welfare and their knowledge about foods and beverage and the ways they handle their custombers. I was quite surprise after two years of operation they never had a meeting and all they know is to do their daily works. I first prepare an agenda to its staff, the tropic we are going to talk, the time and date of the meeting.

The minutes to the meeting is to know how much their know about foods and beverage and how their handle a rustic and bad temper customber and besides I wanted to get closer to them and had a knowledge about their welfare and what they do daily. The minutes to the meeting takes about forty five minutes. After the meeting it is much easier to works with them as their understand what you expect from them and what they except from me. Every month I hold a meeting with them and with the meeting the service improved alots and even handle of the foods and drinks in a right ways and with less breakage. The sales goes up and even the quality and preparation of the foods changes to better.


Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Attended many minutes to a meeting

Attending minutes to a meeting is quite very intreasting if you gain some knowledge from the meeting. I attended many meeting in my life, company meeting, polities meeting, club meeting, goodwill meeting and even our clan meeting. From my experience every meeting needs some preparation and agenda. If there is no agenda in a meeting, things might get out of ways. Some meeting make you that is a must to attended while some meeting you will find excusses to out from it.

I attended a clan meeting, it was quite intreasting as most of clans people motive is to upgrade our association and helping our clans student and the old retiared who needs help. And also trying to help other people who needs help. The meeting always talk of our finance that we spend and earn through rent. An agenda is always prepare by his clerk and a light refreshment is always given after the meeting. I attended a association meeting its has an agenda but the agenda is always on oneside. Quarrel always started half way of the meeting as most side ones to hold the ace.


Sunday, July 29, 2007

Too much meeting is a waste of time

My brother is working in a consultants company whose daily works are most spents in the meeting room, infacts every half days works are in the meeting room with his boss and his superior which are wasted and most of the time in the meeting room is the same words and same things to be done.

People say that holding a good meetings is a secret of preparations and the most important is having a good Agenda and to inspire your workers to works harder and also to let them know what the company expected from them and the company coming projects and the latest company news. But if people really prepare for a good meetings, would they realise that most of the meeting in unnecessary or a waste of time both with the company and the staff and sometimes a meeting can be very frighting to the staff as action has to be taken by the staff in every company new tackets and demands.


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ways of holding a good minutes to a meeting

There are many ways which we can hold a good minutes to a meeting. If you are having a good minutes meeting the respond you get will be very good and people will had highly respect in you. If holing a bad minutes meeting you will not only see the same old few faces, you will also received or get all kinds of excuses for not able to turn up.

Holding a minutes to a meeting first a Agenda has to be prepare and distributed at less three to four days or a week in advance. Date, time and venue should be stated very cleary in the agenda. If there is a very important things to be discussed always highlight it in the agenda and a giving prefrence during discussion.

Start the meeting on time even if you notice that many people haven turns ups yet and always ends the meeting on time unless there is an urgent things to discussed or settled. Never go back on the agenda if there is a late comer. Let them particated in the meeting and thanks them after thery finish. Make sure that the minutes to a meeting is not out from your agenda.