minutes to a meeting

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Stick to the agenda of the minutes to a meeting

In every company, society, board, an agenda towards a minutes to a meeting must be distributes to the person invited. Agenda must be given or send at list one week in advance for them to prepare for the coming meeting or cancel the unimportant meeting or appointments they have. Agenda must stated the time of the meeting and the time that the meeting supposed to end. Venue of the meeting and the date of the meeting. The best time to have a meeting is in the morning after ten and before eleven. The meeting must not take more than two hours.

Stick to the agenda of the meeting and every agenda must have a time frame so that you can time the meeting of each agenda. Start the meeting on time even some of the participant did not turn up. The reason to start the meeting on time is to make the early bird feel not disappointed and secondly to avoid late comer for the next meeting. Get someone to minutes the meeting. Forget about food refreshment, may be coffee or tea but bottle of water must be serve before or during the meeting.



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