minutes to a meeting

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ways of holding a good minutes to a meeting

There are many ways which we can hold a good minutes to a meeting. If you are having a good minutes meeting the respond you get will be very good and people will had highly respect in you. If holing a bad minutes meeting you will not only see the same old few faces, you will also received or get all kinds of excuses for not able to turn up.

Holding a minutes to a meeting first a Agenda has to be prepare and distributed at less three to four days or a week in advance. Date, time and venue should be stated very cleary in the agenda. If there is a very important things to be discussed always highlight it in the agenda and a giving prefrence during discussion.

Start the meeting on time even if you notice that many people haven turns ups yet and always ends the meeting on time unless there is an urgent things to discussed or settled. Never go back on the agenda if there is a late comer. Let them particated in the meeting and thanks them after thery finish. Make sure that the minutes to a meeting is not out from your agenda.


Thursday, June 07, 2007

Attending a politic minutes to a meeting

Have you every attended a politic minutes to a meeting. I have attended three of four of such meeting but whenever there is such a meeting there bounds to be a quarrelled among themself. The one who prepare the minutes to the meeting are always favour themself or their groups. The minutes are not so important to the members, the most important is to vote for his people who stand for the vote to be next year commitee or chairman or secrertary.

Peoples like us who attended the meeting is to support our leaders and enjoy the food after the meeting. We will come in groups and claps our hands, shout and cheers whenever our leaders finish talking a tropic. We will try to sabotage the other groups from voting by sending the minutes to the meeting to them in a very last few days.