minutes to a meeting

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Meeting can be very intersting or dull

Meeting can be very intersting or dull and its all depends on the organizers or the one giving out the minutes to a meeting. Some company are talking the same old issue every weeks as i find its a waste of the time to the company and the staff as the staff can do others things for the company rather then attending the same tropic meeting because action is not taken on the first place.

When holding a good minutes to a meeting an aganda has to be prepare and should be distributes a days before the minutes to a meeting. Times the meeting to started and ends. Always try to started the minutes on time and never go back to early minutes if some one arrived late and ends on time unless there is an important things to discussed. Invited only those that can contributes to the meeting. Dont waste your time too long on one tropic.

Try to praise them when they contributed to the minutes to a meeting as an couragement for other participate to contributed to the meeting. Always see action is taken in every aganda discussed. Stick to the tropic that is only going to discussed in the aganda. Refreshment should not be given during the meeting for it might distured when someone is speaking, it should be given before or after the minutes to the meeting.