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Thursday, December 13, 2007

A meeting is a must in every organization

A meeting is a must in every organization. When I first took the post of a manager in a restaurant, I hold my first meeting with my staff to know about their welfare and their knowledge about foods and beverage and the ways they handle their custombers. I was quite surprise after two years of operation they never had a meeting and all they know is to do their daily works. I first prepare an agenda to its staff, the tropic we are going to talk, the time and date of the meeting.

The minutes to the meeting is to know how much their know about foods and beverage and how their handle a rustic and bad temper customber and besides I wanted to get closer to them and had a knowledge about their welfare and what they do daily. The minutes to the meeting takes about forty five minutes. After the meeting it is much easier to works with them as their understand what you expect from them and what they except from me. Every month I hold a meeting with them and with the meeting the service improved alots and even handle of the foods and drinks in a right ways and with less breakage. The sales goes up and even the quality and preparation of the foods changes to better.



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