minutes to a meeting

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Too much meeting is a waste of time

My brother is working in a consultants company whose daily works are most spents in the meeting room, infacts every half days works are in the meeting room with his boss and his superior which are wasted and most of the time in the meeting room is the same words and same things to be done.

People say that holding a good meetings is a secret of preparations and the most important is having a good Agenda and to inspire your workers to works harder and also to let them know what the company expected from them and the company coming projects and the latest company news. But if people really prepare for a good meetings, would they realise that most of the meeting in unnecessary or a waste of time both with the company and the staff and sometimes a meeting can be very frighting to the staff as action has to be taken by the staff in every company new tackets and demands.