minutes to a meeting

Friday, April 20, 2007

Meeting to improved business

During my working time in a big restaurant in Penang, I had with me twenty serving staff, six dispenser, two cashier and about twenty working staff in the kitchen inclusive the cooks. I will call for a meeting with the outside staff every tuesday and the kitchen staff every thursday once in the beginning of every month. Before the meeting I will prepare an agenda. The time and the place of the minutes to a meeting is the same everytimes.

During the meeting I will see that no staff is late for meeting unless they can come with a very good excuse. The meeting is mostly base on the complained and compliment from the guests. How to improved the food and service. The success to the minutes to a meeting is that all staff participated in the meeting to improve and better the business.

Most of the discussion we talk how to provide our customber with better service and food. Comes out with new foods and drinks items. Sometimes during the meeting I will ask the staff working enviroments, the meals the company provided or any communication break down during working times.